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Mission:  By preserving and enhancing this 1877 landmark, the Hoyt Sherman Place Foundation provides and broadens opportunities for people of all ages to view, learn, and participate in the performing and visual arts.

The Hoyt Sherman Place Volunteer Program invites you to take your place along side the staff and many dedicated volunteers who enjoy meeting new people, supporting the cultural scene in greater Des Moines and celebrating the history of this one-of-a-kind facility.

As a volunteer, we consider you one of the family and an important part in making Hoyt Sherman Place our community's most celebrated cultural center. You'll also play a key role in the many artistic and educational activities that enrich our community.

Volunteers are needed throughout the organization. Opportunities include but are not limited to:

Art Gallery & Mansion

Helping the community recognize the historical significance of the building  and its artifacts by becoming a docent.

Helping to make the grounds an attractive part of the facility by participating  in seasonal clean-ups and landscaping activities.

Historic Hoyt Sherman Place Theater

Ticket Takers/Ushers

Ticket Takers/Ushers greet the patrons as they enter the theatre. They will tear tickets appropriately and when necessary, guide patrons to the seats. In some instances and with adequate volunteer support available, ushers will also be placed in the aisles in the theater for further assistance and guidance in finding seats.

If there are any late arrivals, it will be the responsibility of the Ticket Takers/Ushers to seat them at an appropriate time, as quietly as possible.

Offer assistance to anyone asking for help.

Refer any seating disputes to the House Manager or Manager or Duty.

Close the entryway curtains when the lights go off in the theater.

An usher will remain outside the doors as the performance begins.

Seat late comers at the appropriate time (the House Manager will advise.)

Monitor patrons for food brought into the theater, and politely explain the NO Food in the Theater Policy.  Most events have a camera policy which will be explained to all volunteers prior to doors.  Ticket Takers/Ushers will politely explain the event's policies to patrons.

The Ticket Takers/Ushers have the opportunity to see the show after all patrons have been seated.

Time Requirement: 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to curtain time until intermission (unless notifiied by Manager on Duty).


Everyone volunteering at Hoyt Sherman Place can…

Meet many of new people with similar interests
Experience a variety of cultural activities
Have fun!

For more information, or to become a HSPF Volunteer please contact (515)244-0507.



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